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    ~ About me ~


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    ~ About me ~

    Post  SamSmith on Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:22 pm

    ~Big History~
    SamSmith is the captain of Second Chance. I have been a Queen 2times and a Princess many. Right now I is the RO of Requited Desires. I believe I started in the summer of 2004 but only been Sam for about 2 1/2years. I am not sure of the ocean I started. But now I live on Hunter at Aimuari Island in a Manor. The I have owned most house but for a Estate and a Mansion. I am looking forword to adding an Estate soon. Right now I only own a Weaverie on Aim( which I love), I hope to add more later... maybe another Iron. I also am looking in to apothecaries and furnishers.

    ~Personal Info~
    -Real name: Jenna, but most people call me Jen or Rini( little bunnie)
    -Lives in: Montana
    -Date of Birth(month/day/year/): O9/25/198- sorry but I don't like people knowing my age. I feel its not importat on PP. I don't mind talking to people older or younger than me.
    -E-mail: (if you e-mail me make sure you put your PP name in it so I can know who you are)
    -Timezone: 1hour ahead of PPtime

    ~Piracy Skills~
    -killer sf player
    -kickes butt in bilge( its down now cuz of trophys
    -is ok in sail and bnav( had to save too many bad pillys so stat sucks)
    -hater of carp and rummble but will if needed
    -trying to learn gunning on her laptop

    ~Carouusing Skills~
    -loves them all and is good in them-

    ~Crafting Skills~
    -best at iron and can do them all well
    -hates foraging and thinks its a wast of good work hours

    ~Lover of~
    -trinkets.... has to get them all! ^.^
    -trophys.... more the better xD
    -Pets.... one rat, 3dogs, one cat, one sheep and one tiger( hopes to add an elephant or a limited edition pet)

    ~Likes PP cuz~
    -I like to meet people from different places
    -I love to play in the games xD

    ~Hates PP cuz~
    -I get bord
    -has problems saying no sometimes =x

    ** If you would like to know more info... just ask me anything xD**

    -SamSmith pirat

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    Re: ~ About me ~

    Post  Tarlac on Sat Jan 10, 2009 12:51 am

    SamSmith wrote:~Big History~

    Hell yeah! pirat

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    Re: ~ About me ~

    Post  Jekshamesh on Sat Jan 10, 2009 1:58 am

    Tarlac wrote:
    SamSmith wrote:~Big History~

    Hell yeah! pirat

    Is the email ur msn if it is could I add you I want to know more about our royalties

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    Re: ~ About me ~

    Post  Natacha on Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:10 pm

    Hehe, you finally posted yer profile Smile

    Natacha on the Hunter Ocean
    Captain of The Mystery Fleet
    Royalty of Requited Desires

    Also creator of this great forum

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    Re: ~ About me ~

    Post  SamSmith on Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:04 pm

    xD yep I did lol

    ~no its not my msn but I do have yahoo messager... I also do have msn too I think its but I'm not sure lol cat

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    Re: ~ About me ~

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